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Ethics of Commitment

SCIENTIAARC will stand on the commitment ethics in the business and services. Our company follows an ethical policy for handling and delivery of each services committed. We are unfollowed and refuse to follow any unethical practices at any cost because it is against our ethical as well as professional integrity. As an organization we will stand on our ethical policies and procedures and we are dedicated to promote our ethics through our services and information sharing.
IT Services
What We Do
  • Maintain work progress on time

  • Timely work updation

  • Constant technical clarification

  • Ensure the client is satisfied with his/her work

  • Provide a demonstration for technical understanding of work

  • Solving queries for unclear technical work instantly

  • Maintain timely delivery

What We Don't
  • We avoid works which we can’t afford it

  • We won’t lose client’s time with unnecessary discussions

  • Avoiding time lacks on delivery of work

  • Avoiding misleading of work without proper technical clarification

  • Without proper learning or knowledge of softwares for development

  • We won’t cross deadline of work, if it is crossed, we informed with proper reason

  • We won't charge anything if the queries are not solved

What We Do
Research Services
What We Don't
  • Provide technical discussion for better clarity of work

  • Avoid time delay of work and maintain schedule on time

  • Work will be completed before deadline without fail

  • Proper assigning of technical experts for each work

  • Clarification and updation will be provide instantly

  • Avoid delay in work progress

  • Avoid delay in time (or) crossing the deadline

  • Without any technical discussion work will not move further

  • If no understanding of work, then the work will be withdrawn

  • Proper domain experts will be assigned, if they are well knowledge in that domain

What We Do
Editing Services
What We Don't
  • Formatting of manuscript’s layout, design, citations, and references in accordance with journal guidelines

  • Reorder citations and references as journal guidelines and article preferences

  • Fixing references based on data provided in published article.

  • Ensure figures comply with journal guidelines by changing its File Size, Resolution, Color, Font Style, Scaling, Line Weights & Layouts

  • Maintain the meaning and style, field-specific terms and phrasing are accurate and consistent

  • Ensure that the translation reads as if written by a native English speaker

  • Provide a translation free of grammar, spelling and syntax errors

  • Preserve the formatting of the original manuscript & comment upon unclear sentences or terms

  • Make global changes throughout the paper to verb tense or author voice if they are acceptable

  • Edit data, variables or numbers, references, or author affiliations

  • Identify or address plagiarism

  • Reorganize the paper & reduce word count

  • Cropping of images

  • Vectorize a plot or graph unless we are confident that we can do it with extremely high fidelity

  • Add missing references & format an ambiguous reference

  • Complete documents such as authorship forms, conflict of interest forms, or consort forms

  • Perform copy editing to apply journal-specific requirements

Publication Services
What We Do
What We Don't
  • Recommending journals as per article preference

  • Formatting & editing the article as per the journal guidelines

  • Get confirmed before starting submission of article in journals

  • Correction of citation and figure illustration after cross checking of article

  • Submission of article as per the client requirements, affiliations and journal norms.

  • We only proceed after confirmation of journals recommended or confirmed

  • Edit data, variables or numbers, references, or author affiliations

  • Article is proceed by only higher officials and will not misused by any internals.

  • Become an author on the paper

  • Delay in addressing the errors in the paper

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