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Team Project
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Our Impact on Latest Projects

Some of our finest projects achieved through these years are showcased as below. The projects are implemented on real-time and it is complicated to evaluate. With our effective team and better knowledge, we achieved a mile stone in various aspects of research.


Operational Circuit

A 3D rendered model of latest project in the chemical processing industrial plant. This operational model is successfully implemented on the industry without an error through our modelling and simulation research experts on "Solid Works" software.

Softwares:- Solidworks, Catia, Autodesk Inventor, Autocad

Simulation of Electric Drives

A 3D rendered model is created on "Solid Works" design software and analyze the effectiveness of the drive system through "Simulink and FEM simulations". FEM analysis is done with the "Ansys” products and Simulink is done with "Matlab" software.

Softwares:- Ansys Electronics, Simulink, Xilinx, HFSS, Matlab


Optimal Daylighting in Building

One of our finest architectural engineering works is the daylighting analysis is industrial building using of "Velux Daylight Visualizer 2" software. Our technical expert is well equipped with latest updates in software and current trends in research.

Softwares:- Velux, Radiance, Daysim, Ecotect

Finite Element Analysis

Analysis of material properties through finite element modelling and analysis under various property constraints. The model is valid under different operating condition and accurate measurements are taken for better material evaluation.

Softwares:- Ansys Mechanical, CFD, Fluid Dynamics, Solidworks

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