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We have been working at it since 2013 as a registered firm for research and software services, SCIENTIAARC inspires action, serves clients and supports communities. We’re driven by a firm belief in the power of humanity. As the trusted Research Foundation in India, we provide long-term solutions and benefits for those who may need assistance in pursuing their dreams. At SCIENTIAARC, we are inspired each day by the work we do and feel such a sense of accomplishment with each success story that comes from past or present. Sometimes, the best solutions come from the people who are most affected by the problem and we want to be the center stage of their success. Now, we are becoming an important part of the research community. Working hard to help clients from all over the world our contributions go towards helping make dreams come true. At SCIENTIAARC, we value the essence of giving and go the extra mile to provide those in need with a wide range of opportunities that will allow them to reach their potential.

Your work deserves quality. Never pay more than necessary

Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Basic Plan

    • Basic Technical Support
    • 1 Topic Suggestions
    • 3 Journal Recommendations
    • Unlimited Suggestions & Guidance
    • 10 Base Paper PDF
    • 1 Research Overviews
    • Unlimited Manuscript Checking
  • Academic&Researcher

    Every year
    Individual Cost For All Services
    • Proof Reading & Correction For 365 Days
    • iThenticate Plagiarism Check For 365 Days
    • Integrated Spell & Grammar Check For 365 Days
    • Advanced Editing & Formatting For 365 Days
    • Limited Dataset Downloads
    • Priority Support
    • Limited Journal Tracking
    • Limited Journal Submissions
    • Article Editing Services For 365 Days
    • Limited Article Writing Services
    • Dissertations
  • Enterprise&Publisher

    Every year
    Individual Cost For All Services
    • Unlimited Journal Submissions For 365 Days
    • Premium Editing Services For 365 Days
    • Consistency of Style & Terminology
    • iThenticate Plagiarism Check For 365 Days
    • Priority Support
    • Unlimited Dataset Downloads
    • Unlimited Journal Tracking
    • Customizable Plan Benefits
    • Advanced Journal Editing For 365 Days
    • Limited Article Writing Services
    • Dissertations
  • Custom Plan

    Customized Pricing For All Solutions. Take a tour
    Valid for one year
    • Journal Publications For Single & Combined Authors
    • Bulk Publication Process
    • Individual Work Progress
    • Custom Support Services
    • Writing Support
    • Advanced Editing & Formatting
    • Journal Tracking
    • Journal Submissions
    • Dataset Downloads
    • iThenticate Plagiarism Check & Removal
    • Integrated Spell & Grammar Check
    • Article Writing Services
    • Dissertations
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Our Discount & Rewards

Plus Membership

Our plus membership is a rewards program that offers you personalized resources, benefits, and savings to support your research and publications. Through the program, you will receive prime privileges on every service benefit and product purchase.

Referral Rewards

We offer discounts benefits for the referral clients. If you refer a colleague to subscribe for a service with us, you will receive an instant discount code. To earn credit for your referral, please contact with a unique referral code sent along with the confirmation.

Group Discounts

We offer a variety of partnership options to authors and their colleagues within the same university, department, or institution. These include group accounts, referral discounts, and custom volume pricing. Please contact us for more information about group discounts.

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