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Reason For Journal Rejections

  • Based on Appropriate Journal Scope and Suitability of Paper

  • Proper Selection of Journal and submission Process

  • Current Trend and Novelty of Research Design

  • Insufficient of Technical Finding and Result Data

  • Lowest Level of Literature Reviewed on Article

  • Poor Quality of Figures and Supplementing Tabulations

  • Indefinite Writing Style and Weak Structure of Paper

  • Plagiarism is one of the main reasons for rejection

  • Non-conformance with journal requirements

  • Editing and Formatting as Per Journals Requirements

Editing & Formatting

Advanced AI based editing services offers best in class editing of editing and formatting for better quality of research manuscripts.

English Polishing

Native English writing is followed on the research manuscript to make it standardized for publishing in international journals. Our editorial team is well experienced in enhancing the quality of English while formatting the manuscripts.

Plagiarism Check

Integrated plagiarism checking and removal for improvising the novelty in the manuscript and making standardized to the manuscript for better quality for publication.


Our translation services will offer language conversion of manuscripts in languages in Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, Chinese, etc. With our language expert team and cutting-edge technology, the translation is very cost-effective for large-scale projects such as books, magazines, thesis reports web content, etc.

Language & Grammar Check

Most effective language and integrated grammar checking of the manuscript for eliminating errors while developing a quality manuscript. With our AI-based approach, we took less effort to avoid risk elements in developing a research manuscript.

Artworks, Figures & Tabulation

With our finest formatting team, quality images, results, and other artworks are edited at high quality such as TIFF, JPEG, PNG with higher resolutions as per journal guidelines. We use premium software such as Adobe Photoshop, Visio, Corel Draw, etc.

With our effective editorial associates, we check every step of publication process to deepest level for improvising the article quality to the standardized level.

Collaboration With Premium Softwares

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Dr. Prashanth Kumar, Professor

Scientiaarc Solutions offers me best support for my publications at short time duration. Dedicated support team suggested journals and point out queries easily. With their support I completed my publications on very short time. Thanks for the Scientiaarc team for supporting me at struggling situations. Also, I am taking their service for my upcoming publications in future.

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Dr. Praveen Kumar, Professor

Like to share my experience with Scientiaarc Solutions, such a good team and they support me in my research work and timely delivered my work. Moreover, they support me in publishing my research in journals which I preferred most. Very much satisfied with their research and publishing team work and will go for my future works with them. Thanks for the whole team for supporting me.

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Deepthi Krishnan, Asst. Professor

Very dedicated team to execute my software implementation on time and published my research article for the third time. One of the best team to get support for the research work. Thanks for the whole team to finish my research work on time.

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