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Privacy & Trust Value

We ensure that the client research information includes author biography, concept, data, software/application  codes, hard and soft copies of research manuscripts and each related information related to the research will be kept confidential and strictly handled only for the organisation internal work purposes.

The client information will be kept for 6 months (or) it will be used when all the client requirements are solved. Once the full work is attained successfully, the client total information traces will be segregated and eliminated.

Our organization guaranteed that the copyright of the client work will not be reused/misused by the organization professionals.

SCIENTIAARC has unique core values towards the dedication, quality, hard working and more on client satisfaction. We believe in our vision that our emerging technical advances and focus make our mission a reality.

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Your Data Is Secure With Us

With our cloud domain services, the data is well secured and no traces of offline files are stored in the physical storage system. As we are promoters to the ecosystem through a virtual storage system, we maintain the confidentiality and security of client data through online web storage and limited access to management.

Our key points are

  • We communicate through our domain email services

  • Data is encrypted before sending to any clients

  • 5x more data security through our data channels

  • Firewalls are implemented to restrict unauthorized access

  • Cloud/virtual storage is used for managing client’s data

  • 24×7 monitoring by the security team through our data management protocols

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