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Our team drive through innovative solutions and scientific knowledge.


We built up an opportunity for everyone, who seeks a better place to prove their inner strength, knowledge and gain more they deserve. Our environment is entirely different from others, we express our happiness, knowledge to grow everyone in SCIENTIAARC. To know more, click on the links below. 

Working from Home
Colleagues Working in Office
Full Time

All our roles are available for full time or remote as per the needs. To know more about current openings click on the link below.

Working From Home

Contractual offer more flexible with added benefits. To know more about current openings click on the link below.

Working Outdoors

You can work anywhere at you time. To know more about current openings click on the link below.

On Campus

We offer internship programs for students to find out the way of contribution to SCIENTIAARC in time-bound manner while gaining valuable work experiences.

Team Testimonials

Mary Angel, Client Relations

Scientiaarc is the first firm where I begin my job career. I am really very happy to be a part of this company. It was very challenging in the beginning but it helps me a lot to increase my confidence. The admin team really cares about their employees and provide support as much as possible. My colleagues are very supportive and friendly. A good place to work without any stress and improve our skills. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful organization.

Subha Jini, Research Associate

Good company to work and the working environment is well natured. Here, the works are at different domains it leads me to improve my knowledge. Well supportive admin team and team members. They properly provide salary to us and the work load is very low compared to the other companies. It is peaceful to work here.

S.P Selvam, Sub-Editor

My work experience in here is very good, comfortable and I really like the office environment with encouraging admin team and supportive team members. From this field of work, I had a different work experience with various domains, it helps to improve my knowledge. Also, we had a stress-free work in here.

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