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Grant Services

We offer added benefits with our grant services to execute your research and publication goal to an optimal level. Our grant services can offer best-in-class services to promote your research and evolve to the desired quality. With our AI integrated approach, we work seamlessly to eradicate the errors in your manuscripts for improvising to international journal preferences.

Optimistic. Cost Effective. Timely Delivery

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Software Engineers
  • Proposal/Synopsis Development

  • Reproduction of Research Articles

  • Article Modification + Publication

  • Journal Review Correction

  • Plagiarism Removal

  • Optimizing Articles

  • Editing of Published Articles

  • Power Point Presentation

  • Thesis Writing & Editing

  • Custom Made Articles

Editing an Image
  • Editing & Formatting

  • Plagiarism Check

  • Language & Grammar Check

  • English Polishing

  • AI Based Language Translation

  • Native English Editing

  • Grammar & Punctuation Editing

  • Artworks, Figures & Tabulations

  • Native English Writing

  • Integrated Spell Checking

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