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Academic Writing
Editing Services

Our valuable writing and editing services offer best in class polish and perfect manuscripts for Ph.D, researchers, students and academicians. With our advanced writing, thorough checks in grammar, sentence structure, paper structure and plagiarism make impactful communication of your research. We are equipped with advanced technology and experts in wide area of study offers best support and guidance in your research. With the highest quality guaranteed, you can choose from the fastest delivery options to the lowest budget plans that suit you. In-depth guidance from top journal peer reviewers and subject matter experts to significantly increase your chances of getting published.

Advanced Writings

  • Scientific Research Writing

  • Research Proposal Design

  • Experimental Design

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Conference Presentation

  • Plagiarism Check

  • Advanced Editing

  • Book Editing

  • Thesis Writing & Editing

  • Abstract Editing

  • Case Report Editing

  • Bulk Publications

  • Journal Submission

  • Proofreading

Quality Check & Writings

  • Accuracy Check in Domain-Specific Terminology.

  • Make Systematic Structural Improvements, Seamless Content Flow.

  • Provide Consistency in Layout Format, Notations, Citations, & References.

  • Quality Checking & Grammatical Correctness by Professional Editors With 15+ Years of Experience.

  • Top Quality Work Delivered By 5,000+ Native English Speakers Across 2,500+ Area of Study.

  • High Quality Improvements With 5 Levels of Quality Check & Editing.

  • Matching Paper with Suitable Domain Experts with Our AI Algorithms.

  • In-Depth Technical Review by Top International Journal (IEEE, Springer, Elsevier Etc.) Peer Reviewers.

  • Journal Submission Readiness Check by Editorial Constantly.

  • Tracking & Publishing the Article at Short Time Span.

Scientific Editing

  • Arise comment on novelty, impact, research rationale, implications, concluding statements.

  • Peer Review and edit paper rationale, structure, flow, and presentation.

  • Conduct a research gap analysis to help you meet international publication standards.

  • Prepare a checklist to match target journal scope with your paper's core problem statement.

  • Conducting a full review of the peer reviewer's and senior editor's work to ensure all advice to author is in sync.

Premium Editing

  • We offer guidance by top-journal peer reviewers to strengthen the communication of your core research. Includes a detailed content review report.

  • All features are included under Advanced Editing and covers improvements in overall manuscript structure, organization, and flow of content.

  • Quality Check, grammar correction, spell check, and terminology errors. Improvements in sentence structure for better readability.

  • Provide high-quality editing with sentence construction, grammar, and readability improvements.

Journal Formatting

  • Most of the journals follows different pattern of formatting and it is entirely differed from one another. Journals only prefer quality rather than quantity.

  • With our extensive experience with style guides such as the APA, MLA, ACS, AMA, IEEE, and all major publisher and journal guidelines.

  • We ensure that any papers from the author are ready for journal submission, down to the last detail of quality check and formatting.

Plagiarism Checking

  • With our expert level of plagiarism removal and globally accepted plagiarism checking (powered by iThenticate) checks every instant of writings flagged by the journal and online sources.

  • We reduce the plagiarism to the journal accepted level to avoid desk rejection.

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